Re: New applet project

"Andrew Thompson" <>
8 Feb 2007 22:18:15 -0800
On Feb 9, 6:36 am, Daniel Moyne <> wrote:

help from you ..

Pfft.. You don't need my help (much), you
have made good progress since my last
message. In any case, you are close to getting
the example working.

$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -cp $JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar
does not work as :
import javax.jnlp.BasicService;
import javax.jnlp.ServiceManager;
import javax.jnlp.UnavailableServiceException;
does not work as the 3 jnlp packages are not available ; how can I get
access to them ?

Note they are three JNLP API classes in one package.

But to the problem. All my web start build scripts
have a common part, ..

<!-- Pot luck guess at location of
suitable 'web-start' jar. -->
  value="${java.home}/lib/javaws.jar" />

That might resolve to..
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.6.0\lib\javaws.jar
(which is about 630Kb in the Win/6.0 variant)
...this is fine for windows, as it points to
a jar containing the web start classes.
But on your system, either the path, or
jar name (or both), is wrong.

To make it work for your system, that path
needs to be changed, to point to the
equivalent jar for your set-up.

Andrew T.

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