Re: How to do local distribution?

Patricia Shanahan <>
Sun, 01 Apr 2007 22:34:31 -0700
Andrew Thompson via wrote:

(OP wrote:)
Mark Space wrote:

I have a specialized Java application that is growing.


I would like suggestions for the best way of "distributing" it.

I suppose Java Webstart would be too obvious? Do you have a server you
could leave on-line to do the update?

Note that JWS can also be deployed 'off a diskette',
though that is not something I have experimented with.

For some general web start examples, try these..
most of the examples at the top, concentrate on services
that are only available to apps. launched using web start,
but for more general apps. try the two further down that page.
<> &

Do you have an example of a webstart-launchable that does not itself
interact with the user and that does access local files? It would help
me do a test.

One of my problems is that I need to run dozens of copies on a large
grid computer, with local file access. It would be acceptable to get one
security dialog the first time I run on the grid after an update. It
would not be so cool if every one of the hundreds of servers in the grid
displays a dialog the first time it gets one of my jobs after an update.


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