Re: How to copy one jar inside another

Mark Space <>
Sun, 06 May 2007 09:57:46 -0700
Andrew Thompson wrote:

I want to clarify some things I am confused about, before
abandoning the possibility of web start.

The app is in alpha testing, at best, and will be sent out to a few
friends for check-out and "will this dog hunt?" I don't want it
publicly available right now. Since my "testers" are doing me a favor,
I don't want to bang on their time too much with complicated installs.

The rest of your advice is quite good, just not exactly what I want at
this time. For any "real" app, I'd probably use Java Web Start. It's
clearly the intended, and best imho, solution.

I also have a goal to learn more about how the JVM runs programs and how
manifest files and classloaders work. It's just on-going Java education
for me. So I don't mind chasing down leads. In general, urls and links
to documentation work best for me now, not "Yes it does" or "No it
doesn't" replies.

What I've got bookmarked so far...

That last one is the best description of classloaders I've ever found.
It blows all of Sun's documentation out of the water.

The best solutions for my immediate problem I have right now are: 1.
Don't use any "external jars", or 2. Zip the external jars into a
subdirectory, so the user only sees one jar to execute after unziping;
use the manifest file to point the class loading to the local subdirectory.

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