Re: [Applet]heap space problem

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Thu, 14 Jun 2007 06:44:56 GMT
Daniel Moyne wrote:


I know how to allocate more memory for a Java application (-Xmx512m

(..but for applet?)

ok you mean once properly installed it will be completely transparent for
the client viewing the web page

...hmmm. I would not necessarily go that far.
Some browsers running older Java's that do not
understand JNLP files will still try to display the
content of the XML file in the browser.

Sun has some scripts that are designed to detect
if the browser can properly handle JNLP, but I do not
like to assume that the browser will have Javascript
enabled. Note that I do not know of a single end user
who would allow Java but not Javascript, but I still do
not like to *assume* scripting is on. ..

...assuming he has a JVM istalled like the one
used to play applets ?

.. I am in the process of developing an alternate, applet
based launcher for JNLP's, but it requires a few more
clicks from the end user. (And will not be ready for a
while yet.)

I think I have to look at the webstart doc.

That is a good move. An overview can be seen
in the Developer's Guide at..

(That document also goes into detail about the
Sun scripts for detecting web start.)

Though if you really get into it, the JNLP spec.
is invaluable - but is is only available for
download (something I find most inconvenient
when discussing such things on the net!).

The spec. can be obtained here..


Andrew Thompson

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