Re: Java App for an Online Experiment

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Thu, 23 Aug 2007 12:43:49 GMT
Guillaume Cabanac wrote:

...Why does it need to all-permissions?

Actually it only needs to establish a connection to the database server, via

If the DB is coming from the same domain as the
app., it can do it in a sandbox.

It seemed to me that it is possible to let the app in the sandbox while
allowing it some privileges via policies, ..

Uggh.. 'policy files' FTR, that was never what I
was referring to. It is *theoretically* possible to
alter the ploticy files to allow ..anything, but it is
not something I would expect the average end-user
was capable of, nor that I would recommend they

No. I was referring to the JNLP API servise
to do things like access the local file system, store
preferencs, or access the printer.

None of this sounds relevant to your app., but
if your interested, you can see some examples here..

...that the user has to accept.
However tells the contrary.

Yes. The lopica alternate JWS FAQ is a damn fine
document, but in that section, it is not referring to the
JNLP API that I was thinking of.

Andrew Thompson

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