Re: web page embedd video conferencing

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sat, 29 Sep 2007 09:46:24 GMT
Andylagon wrote:

Hie all

What does 'Hie' mean on your planet? Please refrain
from using local slang when posting, as it makes you
appear foolish.

I have been assigned a project to research on imbedding a User
Interface on a web page for video conferencing module using php pages.

I heard it is possible but I am not sure which tools to use.

Possible yes. Practical, no. Applets embedded in web
pages have a great number of problems. A JMF based
applet in a web page adds to those problems, and a
'full-trust' JMF based applet just *multiplies* the woes.

To work, it would need the client (end-user) to not only
separately install JMF, but also to think to select 'allow
sound capture in applets' when installing - by default it
is 'false'.

(And that still leaves you to deal with all the problems
that might crop up from using plain old applets in web

thinking of using the Java Media Framework, ..

Note that JMF is a (popular but) abandoned API. Sun is
looking to introduce the Java Media Components Framework
in Java 7, which will leverage the power of the system's
default player.

Is going to Java 7 a possibility?

..but at the moment am not
well accustomed on how it operates.

Few people are.*

If it can be in any other way other than using java tools which ones
are most suitable for the solution.

Ultimately, I cannot understand why anybody would
want a browser window wrapped around a media
player (or video conferencing tool).

Fortunately, there is a far better alternative.

Java web start (JWS) allows you to launch an application
or applet from a link on a web page. This results in a free
floating app., here is an example.

If you are looking to use web start, it is probably best to
avoid the applet altogether and go directly to an application,
as JWS launched applets are not resizable (without a bit
of hacking).

JWS can supply all the jar's and DLLs required to make
the app. work correctly, and is not subject to the same
restraints as imposed by the installer.

I had an example of using JWS to launch JMF, but
unfortunately it is off-line for the time being.

* And as an aside, I noticed your 'me too' style
addition to the "Video Conference over INTERNET
code!" thread on the Sun JMF forum. If the original
poster was anything less than a complete pillock,
they'd have refrained from making that post altogether,
it is an utter waste of time and bandwidth. I note
that one single (sensible) poster to that thread either
alluded to that, or stated it. Please take the hint.

Andrew Thompson

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