Re: "No JRE version found in launch file for this system" and other assorted Java 6 crashes

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Wed, 03 Oct 2007 09:37:03 GMT
Ramon F Herrera wrote:


Is Java 6 ready for prime time?

Yes, and it has been so for some time (IMO).
I started using it a couple of months ago, and the only problems
I have expereinced came from faulty Java (source) or JNLP files.

Is it just my computer?

I am suspecting as much.

How come Borland/CodeGear is shipping Eclipse with a 1.5 JRE today?

No idea. What did B/CG have to say on the matter?


Can anyone of you folks out there run one of the most popular Java
applications, jDiskReport under Java 6 and JaWS?

Do you mean this one?


Trying it here, on a Win XP Pro. box..
Java Web Start 1.6.0_02
Using JRE version 1.6.0_02 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM
User home directory = C...

The digital signature has expired.
"JDiskReport enables you to understand how much disk space
the directories and files consume on your disk drives."
'Accept' terms of license
(choose some things)
See report on sub-dir of D: dirve.

Yep. It seems to work just fine in 1.6 here.

Is there any change in JWS lately?

Some minor ones, none that seem relevant to this problem.


More Information - Error: No JRE version found in launch file for this

Is that all web start? Check here ..
<> is a page I wrote about enabling *earlier* Java versions,
but just check 1.6 is listed in the /JNLP runtime settings/


Launch File
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><jnlp codebase="http://">

- where is this second JNLP file coming from? It has
nothing to do with JDiskReport, AFAIU.

Andrew Thompson

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