Re: Open Web Browser and pass URL with Query string

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Tue, 16 Oct 2007 10:15:40 GMT
<79c57b7341d8a@uwe> wrote:

I develop console application that Open Web Browser and pass URL with
query string.
My code is as below:

This few lines of code is a very fragile way to try and find the
default browser - there are probably better alternatives.

JWS BasicService.showDocument(URL)
Applet AppletContext.showDocument(URL)
pre 1.6 Desktop application BrowserLauncher2
1.6+ Desktop.browse(URI)

As an aside - I put the couple of lines of the URL
and params together through the JWS showDocument
method* and it retained the params. Of course it was
a 404 here - but that is not the point.

Note that web start is not suited to pure console
applications, so I expect you will be better looking
to Desktop.getDesktop().browse().

OTOH, opening a browser from within a console app.
seems a little suspicious in the first place..

Is this code expected to work in a 'headless' environment?
(Something like a server that supports *no* GUIs at all).

* <>

Andrew Thompson

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