Re: Download Graphing Utility (Complimentry Copy)

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Tue, 23 Oct 2007 15:21:28 GMT
Dexter wrote:


Download link is

(re. web start launch)


I had a D in college English, I will consult dictionary and a grammar
book next time I post.

Sure, but note it was actually Lew that provided those tips.

I am new to Java, I copied your jnlp code in a file grapheasy.jnlp and
stored it in the same folder where my jar file resides on server

I just tried, and got a message..
"Sorry Our site is experiencing technical difficulties,
kindly come back in a day or two "

(Wow. Tell those Server-Admin. people this is the third
millennium, and if a site is experiencing difficulties, I might
give it '10 minutes' before I try it again - if it's lucky..)

When I pointed my browser to the jar file, it popped open the dialog
box which asked whether i wanted to save or open the file

No. You need to link directly to the *JNLP* file.
Clicking that link will download the jar, cache
it locally*, and launch it on-screen for the user.

When i clicked on open it simple ran it

But where is this jar file stored on user's system and how does the
user run the application next time she want to

* When we deploy things using web start, neither the
developer nor end user needs to specifically know
*where* the file is cached, though the user or their
sys. admin. can find out if motivated/savvy enough.

To allow the user to relaunch the application, we (the
deployer) can 'suggest' desktop icon and launch menu
items (in the JNLP file) - to launch the app. in future.

Most of the JNLP (web start API) examples shown here
suggest a dektop icon. <>

And.. (hunts around) this one ..
..suggests a menu item. The direct link is..

One thing, in closing, is that I find the habit of putting
replies above earlier text (top-posting) to be very confusing.
It is generally better to put replies directly after whatever
you are replying to, and trim any text no longer immediately
relevant - like I have done in my reply.

Andrew Thompson

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