Re: Java Applets to JSP Conversion

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Fri, 02 Nov 2007 03:58:36 GMT
Owen Jacobson wrote:

I am looking for a project to convert the existing JAVA

Andrew Thompson wrote:


As Andrew pointed out:


You're looking at a rewrite, not a conversion.

Oi! :)

Yes. Lew probably mistook your words for mine because
they were sensible words and I am commonly talking about

(My apologies if I've further stuffed the attributions.)

And to the OP -
1) please try and get 'Java' right. I have a whopping
hangover, and all this SHOUTing is hurting my head.
2) Java Web Start* can ensure both a perception of
fast start-up (I am not even clear on whether the issue
is 'start-up time' or 'processing time') because it manages
class caching**, and second and subsequent launches will
use the cached version. It is also the only realistic way
to handle Java Run Time versioning***. A single JNLP file
on the server, and to have the server configured to serve
the correct content-type for JNLP files - might be all it
takes to 'fix' the problem, or at least the most problematic
aspects of it.

* <>
** For even better control over caching behaviour.
*** <>

Andrew Thompson

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