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"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Sat, 01 Dec 2007 00:22:29 GMT
Ouabaine wrote:

I am converting my project (a Java application) into an applet.

Why? Or more specifically, why *not* simply launch
the application using Java web start (JWS)? E.G.

How does going to version 1.5 of the source version affects my applet?

More JREs will be able to run it. Make sure you are using
the -bootclasspath and -source/-target options, and the compiler
will tell you which aspects of 1.6 are not availabe in 1.5.

Note that JWS is particularly suited to run-time versioning.

Should I go directly for V1.6? Have you got any idea on how widespread the
v1.6 are? Am I taking a risk by choosing 1.6? I know that Leopard does not
have 1.6 yet, but this should come any month now.

And then how long will it take for Mac users to upgrade?
I would go for 1.5, and see how many changes need to
be made to the code to run it in a 1.5 VM (I doubt it will
require lots of changes).

..What about Linux?

1.6 has been available for most Linux variants for some time.

Andrew Thompson

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