Re: Connecting to JMatlink with Applets / JWS

"Andrew Thompson" <u32984@uwe>
Mon, 03 Dec 2007 04:53:12 GMT
<7c1e29f7d647b@uwe> wrote:

I am posting to this group in the hope that you would be able to guide
me to solve my problem.

Glad to see you here. OK - to pick up where we left
off. This project will also need to be signed and
all-permissions to run as a web start project.

You are running NetBeans? Good.

NetBeans understands Ant build files - it has Ant 'built in'.
That is easier, because I have some 'premade' examples
of using Ant to create and launch *trusted* applicatons.

The files I am thinking of, are here.
See the <>
download on the right hand side? Download it,
expand it to local disk, then 'import ant project'*
into the IDE.

* That is not 'exact', but I expect there will be a button
or menu item with similar words.

If you run the 'launch' task of the Ant file, it should
everything needed to compile/build/sign and launch the
application onto screen.

I have not had much feedback about how well those
build files work for other people, so if you have any
problems with them - I would like to know.

Andrew Thompson

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