Re: scrolling an image

Andrew Thompson <>
Wed, 13 Feb 2008 19:39:01 -0800 (PST)
On Feb 14, 3:42 am, LC's No-Spam Newsreading account
<> wrote:

In free time I'm slowly progressing with my applet displaying
astronomical images. Now I would like to implement scroll bars around an

The HTML defines so far <APPLET CODE=... WIDTH=512 HEIGHT=712>. Of
course if I run in the appletviewer I can freely resize it.

It should be possible to resize this applet's width,
and here, full browser window.

But why not make it a JFrame (launched using web-start)
that is automatically resizable? Check this applet/application
combo. to see the differences.

The applet itself is so far a JPanel divided horizontally in 3 equal
parts (a tabbed pane, a message text area, and a JTable). I plan to move
to a grid bag layout to make the tabbed pane somewhat taller.

Have you considered using nested layouts? Often
it is much simpler to achieve the effect required,
using nested layouts, than any other single layout.
That is especially tru of GBL, which is devilish.

..Knute probably answered the substantive question,
so I'll leave it at those few comments.

Andrew T.

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