Re: Java web start icon

Andrew Thompson <>
Wed, 20 Feb 2008 15:00:31 -0800 (PST)
On Feb 20, 8:38 pm, Roedy Green <>

3. It lets people know what to expect in terms of launch behaviour.

Perhaps they need a pseudo-button or button
for that. E.G. Here is an example I threw
together of styles of launching JWS apps.
It has an HTML link, am HTML link styled to
appear more 'button like', and a FORM based

Of course, the HTML button might use an image
(or icon) as its representation, as might the
HTML link.

But harking back to what I was thinking earlier,
while I now understand that you are not referring
to the 'desktop integration' of the app., I would
still want any icon to not make any reference to
Java, Sun or JWS - it would be something more
along the lines of 'launch' 'download' or 'install'.

So I suppose that negates your point 2. At this
stage, I could not care if the end user is entirely
unaware of the existence of Java. That's not what
they care about, and it's not my intent to push
awareness of 'some plug-in' to users.

Andrew T.

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