Re: Is it bad to connect to a database via an applet?

Andrew Thompson <>
Sat, 17 May 2008 17:17:34 -0700 (PDT)
On May 18, 9:56 am, Dave Miller <> wrote:

And to the OP, once you have the other details
on the server sorted, I would recommend aJWS
based app. over an applet. It will lower
maintenance costs.


Interesting comment - where do you see the advantage in maintenance costs?=

I meant to mention this on my first REply on this thread.

Folks - please trim posts!

Start here


JWS based apps

All the bugs mentioning JWS add up to somewhat less than the
3217 hits for applets. This number merely reflects my
experience with both applets and JWS launched apps or applets.

The real problem lies in the wild and wacky interaction of
applet/JRE/browser/JS engine (the JavaScript engine is not
often relevant - but when it comes into play, it can cause
memory leaks and all sorts of trouble).

While there was one problem involving IE 7 on Vista that
affected both applets and JWS apps *launched using IE*, the
JWS apps. generally avoid any 'browser interaction' problems,
and never suffer from interference from the JS side of things.

Andrew T.

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