Re: delivering a program as multiple .jar files

Andrew Thompson <>
Sun, 9 Aug 2009 23:20:25 -0700 (PDT)
On Aug 10, 5:43 am, David Lamb <> wrote:

2) The user invokes the mod via a link to a .jnlp file, which somehow
acquires all 3 .jar files from a single site. In this mode they might
view the program as a "demo" that has very restricted access to the
user's system,

If the app. needs to open/save files, it can do
so from within the sandbox, by using the JNLP API.
See the FileOpen/Save service demo(1) for more details.
(1) <>

Having said that..

..but can at least store some form of data between
invocations (I realize there are JWS packages that I need to investigate
that should accomplish some of this,

...that is easy in JWS, even for a fully sandboxed app.
See the PersistenceService demo(2) for details.
(2) <>

..but so far I've only used JWS to
invoke single .jar files that need no access to the user's system).

It's time to explore the further possibilities of
web start (IMO). JWS is well suited to supplying
everything this app. requires (as far as I understand).

Perhaps your users would also enjoy some other
things JWS offers, like..
- A desktop shortcut or menu item for the app.
- Lazy download of Jars (ensures they get only what
they need)
- Automatic update of Jars (and only whichever Jars
have been updated)
- The ability to deploy different parts of the app.
with different security levels (a sandboxed main
app. might use an all-permissions API).
- ..

Andrew T.

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