problem with commandLink inside the Dataatble

jai- nigam <>
Sat, 9 Feb 2008 09:41:56 -0800 (PST)
the commandLink is working outside the dataatable but it is not
working inside the Datatable
the code is pasted below

package controller;

import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;

import javax.faces.component.UIParameter;
import javax.faces.component.html.HtmlCommandLink;
import javax.faces.context.FacesContext;
import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest;

import com.saintgobain.sgsi.dca.ui.bean.GroupBean;
import com.saintgobain.sgsi.dca.ui.bean.GroupListBean;
import com.saintgobain.sgsi.dca.ui.bean.PersonBean;

public class WelcomeControl {
private List personList;

    private List groupList;

    private int groupsize;
    private String test;
// private List groupBeanList;

    //private String radio;

    //private List radioList;

    public WelcomeControl(){
        HttpServletRequest req =
        System.out.println("request params:" + req.getAttribute("name1"));
        personList = new ArrayList();
        PersonBean p1 = new PersonBean();
        PersonBean p2 = new PersonBean();
        PersonBean p3 = new PersonBean();
        PersonBean p4 = new PersonBean();
        groupList = new ArrayList();
        this.groupsize = 1;
        groupList.add(new GroupListBean(groupsize));
        /*groupBeanList = new ArrayList();
        groupBeanList.add(new GroupBean());
        groupBeanList.add(new GroupBean());*/

    public List getPersonList() {

        return personList;

    public void setPersonList(List personList) {
        this.personList = personList;

    public String doAddRow(ActionEvent e){
        System.out.println("inside do add row=====================");
        PersonBean p = new PersonBean();
        return "success";
        public void doDeleteRow(ActionEvent ae){
        List id = ((HtmlCommandLink) ae.getComponent()).getChildren();
        String toBeDeleted = (String)((UIParameter)(id.get(0))).getValue();
        int i=0;
        for (i=0;i<personList.size();i++){
            PersonBean p = (PersonBean) personList.get(i);


        /*ExternalContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance()
        HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest)
        String val = request.getParameter("toBeDeleted");
        System.out.println("value to be deleted::::" + val);*/
// return "success";

    public List getGroupList() {
// System.out.println("grouplist size::" + groupList.size());
        return groupList;

    public void setGroupList(List groupList) {
        this.groupList = groupList;
    public String doAddGroup(){
        this.groupsize = this.groupsize + 1;
        groupList.add(new GroupListBean(this.groupsize));
        return "success";

    public void doAddGroupColumn(ActionEvent e){
        List id = ((HtmlCommandLink) e.getComponent()).getChildren();
        Integer newColumn = (Integer)((UIParameter)(id.get(0))).getValue();
        int i = newColumn.intValue();
        ((GroupListBean)groupList.get(i-1)).getGroup().add(new GroupBean());

    public int getGroupsize() {
        return groupsize;

    public void setGroupsize(int groupsize) {
        this.groupsize = groupsize;
        public String doDelete(ActionEvent e){
        List id = ((HtmlCommandLink) e.getComponent()).getChildren();
        Integer newColumn = (Integer)((UIParameter)(id.get(0))).getValue();
        int x = newColumn.intValue();
        System.out.println("the value of x"+x);
        List list = new ArrayList();
// list = ((GroupListBean)groupList.get(x-1)).getGroup();
        for (int
        int count = 0;
        for (int i=0;i<list.size();i++){
            GroupBean gBean = (GroupBean)list.get(i);
            System.out.println(i + " " + gBean.isDelete() +
            if (gBean.isDelete() == true){
                System.out.println("list size::::" +
                if (((GroupListBean)groupList.get(x-1)).getGroup().size() != 1)
            return "";
        public void doDeleteGroup(ActionEvent e) {

        List id = ((HtmlCommandLink) e.getComponent()).getChildren();
        Integer newColumn = (Integer)((UIParameter)(id.get(0))).getValue();
        int x = newColumn.intValue();
        for(int i=0;i<groupList.size();i++){
            GroupListBean bean = (GroupListBean)groupList.get(i);
            if (bean.getIndex() == (x)){
                x = i;



        Object obj = groupList.get(x);
        for (int i=x;i<groupList.size();i++){


        public String doSave() {
            System.out.println("doSave() called...");
            System.out.println("*****************" + getGroupList().size());
            if (getGroupList() != null && getGroupList().size() >0) {
                int size = getGroupList().size();
                GroupListBean listBean = null;
                for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
                    listBean = (GroupListBean) getGroupList().get(i);
                    System.out.println("Getting list bean contents:::" +
                    //Service service = new Service();
                    //Call call = (Call) service.createCall();

                    //ArrayList list= new ArrayList();
                    //Iterator it=(Iterator) list.iterator();
                     //System.out.println("The list is iterated " +;


            return "success";

        public String getTest() {
            return test;

        public void setTest(String test) {
            this.test = test;


jsf for this controller

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://">
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="f"%>
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="h"%>
<%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
<LINK rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../themes/style.css"
<script type="text/javascript" src="../js/createform.js"></script>
<title>Data Centric Application - Create Form</title>
    <h:form id="createForm">
        <h:panelGrid width="895" styleClass="TrameTableResult" id="pnl2"
            <h:outputText id="results" value="Create Form" />
            <h:outputText id="lblNoOfSearchRecords" />
        <h:panelGrid width="695" columns="2" id="row2PanelGrids" border="1">
            <h:outputText id="FormText" value="Form Name /Nom de la forme "
                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />

            <h:inputText id="formText1" size="15" />
            <h:outputText id="FormDesc" value="Form Description "
                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
            <h:inputText id="FormDesc1" size="15" />
            <h:outputText id="NoofpagesText"
                value="Number of rows for pagination "
                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
            <h:inputText id="pages1" size="15" />
            <h:outputText id="NorowsText" value="Number of Entries "
                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
            <h:outputText id="Scopcheck" value="Scope:"
                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />

            <%--<h:panelGroup id="bttnGrp"
                style="padding-top: 10px;padding-right:470px;">

                <h:commandButton id="CreateNewBtn" value="CreateNewGroup"

            <h:commandButton id="createNewBtn" value="CreateNewGroup"
                immediate="true" action="#{welcomeController.doAddGroup}">

        <h:dataTable value="#{welcomeController.groupList}" var="var1"

            <h:column id="colOne">
                <h:panelGrid width="895" styleClass="TrameTableResult"
                    <h:panelGroup styleClass="backgroundTableResult"
                        style="height:4px;" id="groupGroupOne">
                        <h:outputText id="results1" value="Group#{var1.index}" />
                        <h:outputText styleClass="padding-left:30%;" id="addresses" />
                        <h:commandLink id="deletegroup" value="Delete Group"
                            <f:param value="#{var1.index}" name="delGr" id="delGr" />

                <h:panelGrid width="895" columns="5" id="row2Panel">
                    <h:outputText id="GroupnameTextt" value="Enter Group Name "
                        styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
                    <h:inputText id="groupnameText1" size="15"
value="#{var1.groupName}" />
                    <h:commandLink id="InseNewAttBtn" value="New Attribute"

                    <f:param value="#{var1.index}" name="newColumn" id="newColumn" />

                    <h:outputText id="grouporderTextt1" value="Group Order "
                        styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
                    <h:inputText id="grouporderText2" size="15"
                        value="#{var1.groupOrder}" />
                <h:dataTable id="groupColumnId" value="#{}"
                    <h:column id="col1GC">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="LabelText" value="Label"
                                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
                        <h:inputText id="labelText1" size="15"
value="#{grouplist.label}" />
                    <h:column id="col2GC">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="ControlText" value="Control Type"
                                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
                    <h:column id="col3GC">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="MandatoryText" value="Mandatory"
                                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
                        <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="Mandcheck1"
                            value="#{grouplist.mandatory}" />
                    <h:column id="col4GC">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="PreviewText" value="Preview Field"
                                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
                        <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="Previewcheck2"
                            value="#{grouplist.prfield}" />
                    <h:column id="col5GC">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="DefaultText" value="Default Values"
                                styleClass="sgTextNormalMediumBold" />
                        <h:inputText id="defaultText1" size="15"
                            value="#{grouplist.defaultValue}" />
                    <h:column id="col6GC">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="OrderText" value="Field Order" />
                        <h:inputText id="orderText1" value="#{grouplist.order}"
size="10" />
                    <h:column id="col7GC">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:commandLink id="Deletebtn" value="Delete"
                                styleClass="buttonAction" immediate="true"
                                <f:param value="#{var1.index}" name="newColumn"
id="deleteColumn" />
                        <h:selectBooleanCheckbox id="deletecheck3"
        <h:panelGrid width="895" styleClass="TrameTableResult">
            <h:panelGroup styleClass="backgroundTableResult" style="height:
                <h:outputText id="Accesstitle" value="Applicative Groups" />
                <h:outputText styleClass="padding-left:30%;"
                    id="lblNoOfSearchRecords1" />
            <h:panelGrid width="695" columns="4" id="row2PanelGrid">
                <h:dataTable id="dataTableId1"
                    value="#{welcomeController.personList}" var="list">
                    <h:column id="column1">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="column1header" value="Role"></h:outputText>
                        <h:inputText id="roleId" value="#{list.role}"></h:inputText>
                    <h:column id="column2">
                        <f:facet name="header">
                            <h:outputText id="column2header" value="Applicative Group"></
                        <h:inputText id="appGroupId" value="#{list.appGroup}"></
                    <h:column id="column3">
                        <h:commandLink id="addBtnid" value="Add" immediate="true"
                    <h:column id="column4">
                        <h:commandLink id="deleteBtnId" value="Delete" immediate="true"
                            <f:param value="#{list.role}" name="toBeDeleted"
id="toBeDeleted" />
        <h:panelGrid id="bttnGrp1" columns="2" width="30%"
            style="padding-top: 10px;padding-left:470px;">
            <h:commandLink id="printBtn1" value="Save"
                onmousedown="return Form1_Validator();" />
            <h:commandLink id="exportBtn1" value="Cancel"
                styleClass="buttonAction" onmousedown="return disp_confirm1();" />

comment : all the commandLinks are working fine except this
commandLink :
<h:commandLink id="Deletebtn" value="Delete"
                                styleClass="buttonAction" immediate="true"
                                <f:param value="#{var1.index}" name="newColumn"
id="deleteColumn" />
please help me. i am trying too hard..


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