Re: Tepestry Template exception

FX <>
Tue, 30 Sep 2008 02:30:10 -0700 (PDT)
This is not a Javascript problem!

On Sep 30, 2:05 pm, Sabine Dinis Blochberger <no.s...@here.invalid>

FX wrote:

Im working on an application that uses Tapestry and DOJO.
I added some javascript logic to existing HTML and it fails to run
when deployed, javascript executes fine otherwise.

comp.lang.javascript is that way ->

Tag <curTime)){> on line 127 contains more than one 'days' attribute.

 context:/WEB-INF/html/Schedule.html, line 127

122 var startMonth = start.substring(0,2);
123 var endMonth = end.substring(0,2);
124 var startDate = startMonth + startDay;
125 var endDate = endMonth +endDay;
126 if(days < 10){
127 days = '0'+days.toString();
128 }
129 if(scheduleName==""){
130 FailureDialog_show("The following error occurred during the
schedule creation:", "You must specify a schedule name.");
131 return false;
132 } else if((startDay > 0 && endDay > 0 && day != 0) ){

here issue is whenever a var is assigned a value again, it issues this
exception, if this value is assigned to a new varibale, it works fine.
Anybody knows why this behaviour happens?

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