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Brandon McCombs <>
Sat, 02 Sep 2006 03:15:58 GMT
<OH6Kg.96564$> wrote:


I was wondering if you guys know if there is *any* thing that could
retrieve Active Directory atributes through JAVA from Linux.

We are currently using Linux + Centrify (

Thank you guys

Linux isn't going to make a difference. ADS complies with the LDAP
standard as well as the JNDI library built into Java. Thus you can make
an app that uses JNDI to talk to ADS (class InitialLdapContext). Realize
that JNDI is a generic library and so it also works with other
"directories", whatever they may be (e.g. filesystem).

I'm in the middle of creating a Java LDAP client that interfaces with
ADS, OpenLDAP, and Sun Directory Server. All the basic functions work
however I'm adding a bunch of functionality to it. It was my senior
project and I've continued to work on it. It has not been publicly
released yet due to my adding more features first.

However there are other projects already out there that are open source
that utilize JNDI such as LBE (LDAP Browser/Editor). My app is 100% Java
and thus would work on Linux or Windows (the point of Java to begin
with). I don't know what Centrify is so I can't comment on that.

hope that helps

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