Re: Problems binding to LDAP

Brandon McCombs <>
Fri, 10 Nov 2006 04:46:38 GMT
kevin wright wrote:

Hi Guys,

I am having problems trying to bind an object to an OpenLdap server (Fedora Linux). I
connect to the server ok but when I try and bind my object I get the following
error message:

javax.naming.OperationNotSupportedException: [LDAP: error code 53 - no global
superior knowledge]; remaining name 'cn=Current'
Naming exception thrown

Having searched on Google I feel that the problem might be that I
am not telling Ldap where to place my entry, but I'm not sure.

Source code is below:

Any thoughts?

I was annoyed that OpenLDAP did not come with any GUI tools and cryptic
CLI tools, not to mention it doesn't do any pre-population of data so
you are left flying blind for the most part. In order to do anything
with the CLI tools you have to know LDIF syntax to add top-level entries.

To fix this I've created a Java LDAP GUI ( my senior project) to help
with administering and creating an OpenLDAP installation (it also works
with ADS and Sun Directory Server). I've continued to update it but
don't plan on releasing it for a while. I can send you screenshots if
you are interested. It's not a professional app but I have been working
on the interface as well as the design for the last year (and got an A
for the project too). I'm planning on taking another year of development
time before I'm satisfied enough to release it to the public.


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