Re: What is meant by ERP

Lew <>
Thu, 01 Feb 2007 22:28:47 -0500
<> wrote:

Once if we get into ERP what are its apportunities and what abt the
future career.

Randolf Richardson wrote:

    Which definition do you think best applies?

    It doesn't seem to be related to Java. Is it possible you meant
some other acronym?

I interpret the question to refer to

Insofar as Java, particularly JEE, supports enterprise systems, and I propose
that it does, it is relevant to talk of this ERP.

To the OP: ERP, like most buzzwords and acronyms in the world of "enterprise"
anything, is a somewhat fuzzy concept, and has more to do with business needs
than software per se. At this level people are very seriously watching rerturn
on investment, and want very good insight into global business processes.

Enterprise architectures choreograph ombinations of more or less "pure" Java
with things like portals and servlets and EJBs, with broader service
architectures, like BPEL (Business Process Execution Language,
<>), big datastores and unified LDAP registries,

Since enterprise systems such as ERP systems touch on so many facets of the
enterprise, there are many niches for career placement. One can be part of a
software development team implementing one portal project, or an architect
guiding the whole shebang, or a vice president helping her organization to be
more productive, or ... - it's a big field.

- Lew

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