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IchBin <>
Thu, 29 Jun 2006 01:05:25 -0400
jaap wrote:


I'm a real noob with java. I worked for 4 years with php but now I have
to use java.
I'm looking for a clean way to get an action behind a button/menuitem. I
 already found the class actionListener. but the method actionpreformed
is not very clean if you want to give 20 buttons an action. The way I
know is 20 times else if. There must be an better method.

I will try to use my GUI like an interface. It does'nt have to include
much code in my opinion. I think it have to be only some field and
button delcarations.

thx for your help


With you program just implement an ActionListener. After this you have
to add the required actionPerformed method. Then just check for which
buttons were selected. Here is an example code for buttons objects.
Naturally this is not a complete program but just info you were asking about

public class MyButtons implements ActionListener
     private JButton deleteButton;
     private JButton reloadButton;
     private JButton returnButton;
     private JButton commitButton;

     private final String TEXT_DETELE = "Delete";
     private final String TEXT_RELOAD = "Reload";
     private final String TEXT_RETURN = "Return";
     private final String TEXT_COMMIT = "Commit";

     private final String _Click = "Click this
button to ";
     private final String _toolTipDelete = this._Click +
"Deleteed Se;ected quote from Database";
     private final String _toolTipReload = this._Click +
"Reload all remaintng dupicate Quotes from Database";
     private final String _toolTipReturn = this._Click +
"Return Insert Quotes";
     private final String _toolTipCommit = this._Click +
"Commit all Delete's to Database";

      public MyButtons ()
       deleteButton = buildButton (deleteButton, TEXT_DETELE,
KeyEvent.VK_D, _toolTipDelete));
       reloadButton = buildButton (reloadButton, TEXT_RELOAD,
KeyEvent.VK_R, _toolTipReload));
       returnButton = buildButton (returnButton, TEXT_RETURN,
KeyEvent.VK_X, _toolTipReturn));
       commitButton = buildButton (commitButton, TEXT_COMMIT,
KeyEvent.VK_C, _toolTipCommit));

     private JButton buildButton (JButton jButton, String label, int
keyEvent, String toolTip)
         jButton = new JButton(label);
         jButton.setMnemonic (keyEvent);
         jButton.addActionListener (this);
         jButton.setActionCommand (label);
         jButton.setToolTipText (toolTip);
         return jButton;
     public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e)
         if (this.TEXT_RETURN.equals (e.getActionCommand ()))
         else if (this.TEXT_DETELE.equals (e.getActionCommand ()))
             else if (this.TEXT_RELOAD.equals (e.getActionCommand ()))
                 else if (this.TEXT_COMMIT.equals (e.getActionCommand ()))


Thanks in Advance...
IchBin, Pocono Lake, Pa, USA

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