Re: Java Windows question..

"Andrew Thompson" <>
10 Oct 2006 21:52:06 -0700
JTapio wrote:

this is how far i have get..
please help to add canvas to frame..

Why do you want to create the canvas in the applet,
rather than simply make it in the frame?

(Note that if overriding 'paint' I will usually choose a
Container, since there is often no need for anything more.)

public void init()
        Canvas canvas = new myComponent ();
        canvas.addComponentListener( new ComponentListener ()); // this line
needs help..

What is the purpose of listening to the canvas?

(I have done similar things, but until I understand exactly
what you are trying to do, what it looks like in the applet,
and what actions cause the frame/window to appear - I
cannot help much)

As an aside, the difference between a frame and a window
is that a window has no decorations - no 'title bar',
no 'close box'..

The code example I posted earlier in the thread, showed a
full-screen window popping from an applet (which is quite
bad if it has no button to close it & the way I did it, meant
the user could not get back to the web page with the applet!).

Andrew T.

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