Re: TextField

"Daniel Pitts" <>
4 Nov 2006 15:01:07 -0800
man4*.* wrote:

tt2.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
   public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
       tf1.setText(tf2.getText() );

well, that's exactly how BE described in Thinking in Java book how to
perform with Ac.Lis.
but, I'm always looking for something new & (maybee) interesting stuff

"emailAddressTextField" where "emailAddress" is the "function" of the
text field.

names like tt2, tf1, tf2, all start to look the same after a while, and
if you're like me and continue coding after you start to get tired,
you'll start putting tt1 instead of tt2, etc.., and it can be difficult
to figure out where your mistake is.

absolutle right, but, right now I'm just practicing and making some real
aplications to figure out how whole stuff works...

Okay, so your practicing, thats great, but why not practice the better
way of doing things. Wouldn't you prefer a doctor who practiced with a
real scalpel, instead of a plastic knife? Same applies to programming,
you pick up bad habits easily. "Oh, this is just a small method that
will never need to be changed." and then all of a sudden it is the core
to a larger system, and no one can fix any problems with it because its
written badly. :-)

Also, when you have to type full names, you learn how to type faster.
Well, in any case. Good luck.

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