Re: Help with Simple If else Statement

"Andrew Thompson" <>
14 Feb 2007 07:50:57 -0800
On Feb 14, 3:14 pm, "BlackJackal" <> wrote:

Alright I thought I had this coded properly for my homework assignment
but for some reason it does not work as I thought it would.

Once I'd figured how it worked, it
worked quite well for me, but then..

.. Basically..

(trimmed boring stuff)

   import javax.swing.*;
   import java.awt.event.*;
   import java.awt.*;
    public class JEmployeeTitle2 extends JApplet implements

I was looking at it in a frame!

Even when developing applets, it can pay
to add a 'main()' that allows you to
launch it in a frame.

This gets around *class* *caching* by
the browser, and allows each run to use
exactly the latest binary.

Here is how I changed your code, to see
it work.. (look below)

      JTextField nameentry = new JTextField(10);
      JTextField jobtitledisplay = new JTextField(10);

      JButton button = new JButton("Search");

      JLabel nametitle = new JLabel("Employee First and Last Name");
      JLabel titletitle = new JLabel("Employee Job Title");
      JLabel result = new JLabel("");

      String empnames[] = {"Robert McDougal" , "Christy McDougal",
"Tyler Smith"};
      String emptitles[] = {"Computer Technician", "Office Manager",

       public void init()
         Container con = getContentPane();
         con.setLayout(new FlowLayout());

       public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
         Object source = e.getSource();
         if (source == button) {
            for(int i = 0; i < empnames.length; ++i) {
               if (empnames[i].equalsIgnoreCase(nameentry.getText()))
               else if
(emptitles[i].equalsIgnoreCase(jobtitledisplay.getText())) {
               else {
                  result.setText("No Match Found");

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    JFrame f = new JFrame("JEmployeeTitle2");
    JEmployeeTitle2 jet2 = new JEmployeeTitle2();
    f.getContentPane().add( jet2 );


Give it a try, see how you go.

Note the browser class cache can be
cleared in other ways, but I think
this is much simpler.


Andrew T.

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