Re: A design and coding question: If some1 can help

Lew <>
Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:04:13 -0400
<> wrote:

Hi all,

I got into an infinite loop problem when trying to do the following:

// Result
public class Result
   private List<Listener> listeners = new ArrayList<Listener>();
   private List<String> log = new ArrayList<String();

   public void addListener(Listener listener)

'list' was not declared. Did you mean 'listeners.add( listener )'?

   public void add(String str)
      // allows the use of listener to process the result. This is
like an observer/observable
      // pattern
      for(Listener each: listeners)

Result.add() invokes ProblematicConstruct.add() which invokes Result.add()
which invokes ...


// ProblematicConstruct
public class ProblematicConstruct implements Listener
   private Result result;
   Problem(Result result)

This is not valid method syntax.
Did you mean 'ProblematicConstruct( Result result )'?

      this.result = result

   public void add(String s)
      //?????????? this will goes into an infinite loop ???????

ProblematicConstruct.add() invokes Result.add() which invokes
ProblematicConstruct.add() which invokes ...


Can some one gives some advice or help on how to resolve it? Since
there is not way to restrict people from doing the above Problematic

Don't have the listener add a string to a Result which adds the same string
back to the listener which adds it to the Result which adds it back to the
listener which ...

-- Lew

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