Re: WindowListener Required Methods Not Recognized

Eric Sosman <>
Mon, 02 Jul 2007 12:50:57 -0400
Hal Vaughan wrote On 07/02/07 12:29,:

This may be more of a problem with Eclipse, but after setting up the class
and getting an error, I complied it and still get the same errors from the
compiler. I have the class below. It's just a framework now and I'll be
adding more later. When I wrote it, I had "implements ActionListener" and
included actionPerformed() and there was no problem, but when I added the
WindowListener methods and added that it implemented WindowListener, I keep
getting errors like this:

The type SedFrame must implement the inherited abstract method

Just in case the method I put in wasn't recognized, I cut it then pasted it.
The error may change to a different method, but I keep getting the same
problem. I do have a learning disability so I've actually gone back and
cut and pasted the names of the methods in place to be sure they're spelled
right (since there's no spellchecker for the IDE). I still get the same

Why aren't the methods accepted as the ones needed by a WindowListener?
[code snipped; see up-thread]

    It compiles fine for me. Do you have any classes of
your own named WindowEvent or something? A class that
implements java.awt.event.WindowListener must provide
methods that take java.awt.event.WindowEvent parameters;
a method taking com.vaughan.hal.WindowEvent would not
fill the bill.


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