java GUI problems

"summer_haven" <>
29 Nov 2006 09:19:40 -0800
Hey guys,
I've created two seperate GUIs in Java, one of which simply outputs the
current time while the other shows squares moving across the screen.. I
am aiming to to put both GUIs onto one window, so that in the upper box
is the current time and in the lower box is the moving squares. Is this
possible? Any ideas how to go about it?
Here is the current code:

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
import java.util.*;

public class clock extends Applet implements Runnable
    Font f = new Font("ComicSans",Font.ITALIC,24);
    Date d; Thread runner;

    public void init()

    public void paint(Graphics g)

    public void start()
       while (runner == null)
           runner = new Thread(this); runner.start();

    public void run()
       while (true)
           d = new Date(); repaint();
           try {Thread.sleep(1000);}
           catch(InterruptedException e){};

The Square Box java code is very long so i will leave it out for now
unless it is needed by you?

Thanks for any help: )

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