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Wed, 27 Apr 2011 15:25:55 GMT

i'm currently trying to develop a simple HTML-Editor with JTextPane and
the HTMLEditorKit provided by Swing.

Actually I want to transform a paragraph <p> to a Heading <h1>. This is
my code:

HTMLDocument htmlDoc = (HTMLDocument) textEditor.getDocument();
int position = textEditor.getSelectionStart();
Element elem = htmlDoc.getParagraphElement(position);

if( elem instanceof HTMLDocument.BlockElement )
     HTMLDocument.BlockElement block = (HTMLDocument.BlockElement)elem;
     int start, end;
     String text;

    start = block.getStartOffset();
    end = block.getEndOffset();
    text = htmlDoc.getText( start, end-start );
        "<h1>" +
        text +
     catch( Exception e )

This works fine, unless the block does not contain any formating
information. Thus

     <p>Hello <u>world</u>.</p>

becomes to

     <h1>Hello world.</h1>

Is there a better way to change the type of a block element?

Thanks in advance


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