Re: Interrupted exception chaining

Jan Burse <>
Tue, 25 Sep 2012 22:47:56 +0200

Anyway the code that will notify c should also set some state.
If it doesn't we cannot distinguish between a spurious wait (*) and
a wait by a notify. So code must use a loop, and to not confuse
the done flag and loop breaking, we can just shift the try/catch
outside of the loop, and even outside of the synchronized to
minimize the monitor region:

     public boolean done; /* should be set by the thread that
                             notifies the lock */
     public Object lock = new Object();

     public void uninterruptedWait() {
        try {
            synchronized(lock) {
               while (!done)
        } catch (InterruptedException x) {

The doc mentions it explicitly:

As in the one argument version, interrupts and *spurious wakeups* are
possible, and this method should always be used in a *loop*:


markspace schrieb:

That's actually a fair point. "Doesn't throw" isn't the same as
"ignore." However, ReentrantLock is probably still better than the
following code.

/** A questionable method: wait without throwing InterruptedException. */
public void uninterruptableWait(Object c) {
   boolean interrupted = false;
   try {
     synchronized(c) {
       try {
       } catch(InterruptedExcpetion ex ) {
          interrupted = true;
    } finally {
       if(interrupted == true ) Thread.currentThread().interrupt();

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