Re: how to close a stream in a try/catch block

Thomas Hawtin <>
Wed, 09 Aug 2006 07:50:43 +0100
jtl.zheng wrote:

I have written a method to compare two file:


Rather than doing null checking, I find it clearer to use try blocks to
cover the exact required code. In the case of your code, the try should
actually start in the middle of an expression...

   public static boolean compareFile(File file1, File file2) {
     try {
       FileInputStream fileIn1 = new FileInputStream(file1);
       try {
         FileInputStream fileIn2 = new FileInputStream(file2);
         try {
           InputStream in1 = new BufferedInputStream(fileIn1);
           InputStream in2 = new BufferedInputStream(fileIn2);
           return true;
         } finally {
       } finally {

// Replace these with something more appropriate...

     } catch (FileNotFoundException ex) {
     } catch (IOException ex) {
     return false;

In general it's a bad idea to write a method with code that covers so
much - from File down to byte. There are ways of factoring out resource
management code from many methods.

Tom Hawtin

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