Re: Non-Blocking Socket and BufferedInputStream

"Daniel Pitts" <>
30 Dec 2006 10:42:08 -0800
<> wrote:


We are new to Java. We are using some exising code which does a
byte-by-byte read from the socket. The data that is being read is an
xml string. A byte-by-byte read takes about 150 to 200 milliseconds. We
need to improve the response time.

The application uses BufferedInputStream's read method to read the
data. On the net we found some sites which suggested doing read in
chunks (read an array of bytes).
Looping until read returns -1 does not work as read block which the
data read is complete.

As per the documentation the read API should return -1 if there is no

Similarly DataInputStream's readFully also blocks.

Is there a non-blocking way of doing a read in Java?

Would help if you suggest some alternative.

Thanks and Regards,
M Shetty

There are two approaches... Using NIO, or using Threads.

I would suggest starting with the Threads approach, it is a lot more
straight forward.

Good luck.

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