Re: Non-blocking and semi-blocking Sockets class.

"Andrew Thompson" <>
17 Jan 2007 22:36:03 -0800
Karl Uppiano wrote:

"nukleus" <nukleus@invalid.addr> wrote in message

I am working on a network related application.

Sorry. Is that the AWT application you were
referring to, ealier? (another thread, different issue
re. layouts).

Because I meant to ask at the time, why the
application was AWT based, which suggests
to me that it is very old. Swing was a bit shaky
in 1.2, but by Java 1.3, it was quite usable.

Do you need to support older VMs?
If so, what minimum version?

Which then brings me (after a big snip) to..

...Java 1.5 introduced three
entire packages devoted to thread synchronization (java.util.concurrent,
java.util.concurrent.atomic and java.util.concurrent.locks). I think you
need to look into that part of the problem.

...If you actually need to support the application at
a specific Java version (pre. 1.5), it might be a good
idea to mention that on any thread related to the
application, as people would have to 'think back',
even to remember what could be supported in 1.4!

Andrew T.

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