Re: HttpURLConnection locks up on connect()

Knute Johnson <>
Tue, 23 Jan 2007 10:29:00 -0800
<Ntsth.60632$Yu6.31207@newsfe16.lga> wrote:

public static boolean isReachableURL(URL url)
    throws MalformedURLException, IOException, Exception {
        System.out.println("Testing to see if URL connects");
        HttpURLConnection conn =
        System.out.println("Created HttpURLConnection object");
        boolean isConnected = (conn.getContentLength() > 0);
        return isConnected;

I am trying to simply determine if a URL provided is a "reachable URL",
if so, return true, else, return false.

On most URLs I have no problem distinguishing reachable from
unreachable, but if you try something like this:

It will lock up tight as a drum and I have to break into Windows Task
Manager to stop the process as it runs as an infinite loop at this

So how can I reliably determine if a URL is reachable or unreachable?


I don't know what the default timeout is on an HTTPURLConnection but it
will eventually time out. however does have a web server but
it is the slowest I have ever seen. It could be that you just need a
little patience.


Knute Johnson
email s/nospam/knute/

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