Re: blocking pattern

"Daniel Pitts" <>
30 Jan 2007 15:52:03 -0800
On Jan 30, 10:53 am, wrote:

Hi there,

Ive written some code that works but Im not too happy with. Can anyone
give me some advice on how to make it better.


At time = X call method A()
methodA() returns straight away
Wait for time = Y
call methodB()


So what Ive done is:

while (notAtTimeX()){

while (notAtTimeX()){


Because methodA() doesnt block I have to these horrible while loops
that query the clock and sleep until it gets to the appropriate time.

I was thinking maybe using wait() and notify() might be a better
pattern. I hope this is clear. Ive simplified the problem a bit but
hopefully it will still be relevant for my problem

What do you think?



Lets think about this a little bit...

I'm guessing methodA kicks off some Thread and returns immediately,
but you can to call methodB sometime after that Thread finishes?
If you could have methodA return the Thread object, you can call

You should also look into java.util.Timer to call methodA at a
specific time. Or, at the very least, adjust your first while loops to
sleep for (timeX - currentTime) instead of 10ms.

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