Re: non blocking write on TCP/IP channel

Mark Space <>
Sat, 04 Aug 2007 20:10:50 GMT
<e35ti.47320$> wrote:

I tried this solution which works well ;
I precise that I have to transmit always the same number of bytes N ;
so the size of my buffer is always equal to N ;
the result shows that either N bytes are transmitted or 0 byte ;
0 byte means that the write method fails ; such a failer with
a receiver being busy for too long ; and that's what I expect ;
my problem would be that only n bytes be transmitted (with 0<n<N) ;
if this happens , the receiver would receive an uncomplete
message which would be boring !
is there a way to force the writer to send exactly N bytes ?

I don't think there is, no. The correct solution I believe is to use
some kind of BufferedReader on the receive end, so that an incomplete
message is buffered and held until the complete message is received.

I haven't looked into this explicitly, that's just my best guess how to
implement it.

Alternatively, you'll have to implement your own buffering scheme. If
you read less than N bytes, go back and read more because the message
isn't complete yet.

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