Re: 30 days trial immune to set clock back in time?

Eric Sosman <>
Fri, 19 Sep 2008 17:51:41 -0400
<1221860997.637963@news1nwk> wrote:

On Sep 19, 8:02 am, Joshua Cranmer <Pidgeo...@verizon.invalid> wrote:

Tomer wrote:

Can anyone guide me how can i create a 30 days trial to a software
that is immune to having set the clock back in time?

1. Don't ask the computer for the date, ask a trustworthy remote server.
Better yet, don't ask one, but randomly pick from a largish pool, so
it's harder to evade by (e.g.) modifying /etc/hosts.

[rest deleted]

Why are you helping people to create artificial scarcity?

     What is it with you and the phrase "artificial scarcity" today?
Is this a "Use it three times and it's yours" effort?

That's like
helping some hoodlums smash a bunch of windows, on the grounds that
the extra economic activity created when they have to replace the
windows makes this a net benefit to the economy, and when it just so
happens that one of the more enthusiastic hoodlums also happens to be
the local glass-maker's son.

     No, it's really more like a charlatan posing as an itinerant
football-inflator, going around with his little pump and helpfully
puffing up footballs, basketballs, and even the occasional bicycle
tire, all for free. But unknown to his victims, he's pumping CO2
rather than plain air, so the balls all weigh more than they should!
A much closer analogy, I'm sure you'll agree.

Only instead of smashing windows, they smash our property rights in
our computer hardware and storage devices, and our freedom of speech
and freedom of transaction with other human beings.

     If you think so much of property rights, why do you despise
Tomer for attempting to protect his rights in the software he himself
created? Or is it only *your* property rights that are important
in the grand scheme of things.


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