Re: Non static block and constructor

Lew <>
Sat, 28 Feb 2009 13:37:40 -0500
Lew wrote:

There was no terminating condition in the OP's situation.

Patricia Shanahan wrote:

Of course. It is that lack of an appropriate bound on the recursion,
rather than the fact of new instance creation during new instance
creation for the same class, that caused the stack overflow.

I was just pointing out that calling a constructor inside a constructor
is not *bound* to fail. As with any other recursive call, it fails or
not depending on whether there are appropriate limits on the recursion.

But it is not "as with any other recursive call". Constructors are not methods.

You are correct to point out that it was the lack the terminating condition
that was the trouble, but my words were in the specific context of the O.P.'s

Beyond that, it is not smart to construct another instance of a class within
the constructor of that class. This is not like calling a recursive method;
constructors are fundamentally different from methods. Constructors are for
the purpose of constructing the 'this' instance, and pretty much always cause
trouble when they exceed that mandate. Can you think of a case where it's
ever a good idea to construct an additional instance from within the constructor?


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