Re: Condensed close curly braces at end of Java code blocks in Eclipse

Robert Klemme <>
Fri, 19 Jun 2009 23:38:49 +0200
On 19.06.2009 21:53, Ion Freeman wrote:

   Frankly, most of the code I write is for publication somewhere, so
I try to keep everything within eighty columns and use vertical space
efficiently. I'm new to Eclipse, and I'd like to set up this behavior:
When a number of braced blocks end together at the end of a method
body or class, I'd like to compress them all. So
class outer{
  class inner{
    method body(){
            // would have the final line
} } } } } }
-- visually every block of code is closed, but it's strictly in the
opposite order, so that all the closures happen on one line.

I'm having some trouble getting Eclipse to do this -- it doesn't seem
to be built in and I don't know where to start scripting it. I imagine
this is a pretty popular thing to do, so I was hoping there was a
snappable way I could get it done.

If this happens frequently in your code you should probably rethink your
designs - especially how much you stuff into a single method. I have
rarely more than three consecutive closing brackets so I would not feel
the need to save that much vertical space.

Kind regards


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