Re: Using "abstract" on a class with no abstract method

From: (Stefan Ram)
16 Aug 2009 20:17:55 GMT
Daniel Pitts <> writes:

how about replacing your command structure with method calls:

  I think this idea illustrates the meaning of

  However, my idea is to have a program that can be changed
  at runtime. That is, components can be added or removed
  from the program as plug-ins at run-time.

  Say, the clock component issues a call to the text console
  component. In your notation, this is:

textConsole.println( "clock ready." )

  However, the user might not have added any text console
  component to his program instance. So this can not work.

  Instead, the clock component uses:

container.process( new PrintConsoleCommand( "clock ready." ));

  Now, if the container happens to be a text console itself,
  it will print the text. Otherwise, the text will be
  forewarded in such a manner that it will reach all text
  console components, if any is present in the program at
  all at this moment, otherwise, the message will eventually
  be ignored.

  I also do not like to have a single communication manager,
  because I want local interaction of components. That is,
  each component interacts directly only with its container
  and its containees.

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