Re: java calling rsync calling ssh: io threads blocked

Daniel Pitts <>
Tue, 21 Sep 2010 12:13:25 -0700
On 9/21/2010 1:09 AM, pvbemmel-at-xs4all-nl wrote:

It is possible that the command you're actually running is not the
command you think you are running. However, since you posted no SSCCE,
we cannot help you diagnose your problem.


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reacting to my posting.

Short: maybe not, but handling stdin,stdout of a Process in java
does require a bit of code.
Self Contained: I've included all required java code; the rsync
and ssh executables you can find on the internet.
Compilable: it is
Example: see java code.

Did you see my original posting from 20-9-2010 12:04 ?

Paul van Bemmelen.

Please do not top post. I've moved your quote to the top for future

I did see your original post, but I somehow missed the example at the

I see at least one race condition. It is possible that your
StdoutRunnable and StderrRunnable will read the data before you're able
to attach the logging listeners.

Another note, StdoutRunnable and StderrRunnable could be made into one
class, where you pass in the InputStream and Listener list in the

I also suggest that you put a debugging output in that loop (rather than
relying on the listener), until you find the solution.

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