Re: OT names/nyms/etc. (was Re: Why "lock" functionality is introduced for all the objects?)

lewbloch <>
Fri, 8 Jul 2011 13:45:45 -0700 (PDT)
<> wrote:

Steve Erwin wrote:

... [some weird stuff] ...

[ snip ]

.. the double quotes do not "list"
only the text. I think you guys call quotes "switches".

Huh? Who guys? No one I know calls them that. We call them "double

To me they are "wrapping tags".. but we live in
different worlds,, I think.. mheh heh

To the sane world, they're called "double quotes".

Very possible (about different worlds), but if I had
to choose between those alternatives, "wrapping tags"
seems like a better fit than "switches" for text enclosed
in double quotes. I don't recognize the latter usage.

[ snip ]

The fact you are bothered to break thread, creating
a new topic, yet fixing your nym display isn't a big
deal to you... is very interesting. But I aint got the
time ..

There's nothing whatsoever wrong with her "nym display", as you are
pleased to call it. If you really didn't have the time to pursue this
meaningless and pointless complaint of yours, you'd've never pressed
"Send". Advice you should consider.

"Break thread"? I'm following what I understood to be the
convention for signaling that the subject of a discussion
has changed without losing the connection to the previous
discussion: I changed the subject line to "$NEWTOPIC
(was $OLDTOPIC)" and included (or more properly "allowed
my newsreader to supply) a References header that links to
the replied-to post. I understood this to be considered
good Usenet etiquette. I guess mileage varies.

[ snip ]

BLM: You did the right thing. The troll to whom you responded has
some odd ideas, is all.


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