Re: Blocking IO thread-per-connection model: possible to avoid polling?

Robert Klemme <>
Tue, 27 Sep 2011 07:49:26 +0200
On 09/27/2011 12:22 AM, Peter Duniho wrote:

On 9/26/11 3:09 PM, Giovanni Azua wrote:


I'm firstly implementing this "thread-per-connection model" on the Server
component where one thread is responsible for reading the requests and
sending results back to the client, it is not responsible for actually
processing the requests though. I can gracefully (cleanup) stop the
by doing socket.getChannel().close() see the snippet below. However, in
order to send data, I also need to interrupt the Thread while it is
waiting for input. Apparently the only way to do this without closing the
channel as side effect is to do polling?

Why do you need to interrupt the thread in order to send data? You
should be able to just get the output stream from the socket when you
create it, and then use that any time you want to send data.

Absolutely agree.

The thread that reads from the socket shouldn't need to be responsible
for sending at all (except possibly as an optimization in the case where
it knows right away it has something to send as a response to something
it's just read).

One should only be aware that this might have impacts on the read
throughput which can be achieved. That of course depends on buffers,
message size, message rate and probably also CPU load generated by
processing read data.

Kind regards


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