Re: Systems Architecture Developer - Job Duties?

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Wed, 08 Nov 2006 19:42:23 -0500
RigasMinho wrote:

Here is Job description - does this help?
Mainly - is this a programming job?

The Enterprise Components & Frameworks unit develops architectural
strategy and best practices for system development involving new
technologies and tools. The staff works with application designers to
understand which architectural models best fit their needs and selects
the appropriate vendor products, considering trade-offs among
functionality, complexity, performance and cost. This area is
specifically responsible for:
* Architectural strategy for Java/J2EE development, .Net development,
Portals and Grids
* A repeatable, proven industrial strength set of application
development frameworks (ex. STA4J-Java, STA4N-.Net, Portal, Grids)
* Product support for vendor products and production support for
enterprise application services & components
* Project-level design, debug and performance

Candidate will be a member of the STA4J-Java Framework team. Candidate
will be a J2EE developer with a minimum of 3 years experience who can
work with projects on a tight timeline and in a pressured environment.
The candidate must be able to work with the developers to achieve a
successful migration; have an understanding of MVC based framework and
have the ability to work with developers on coding issues in the RAD 6
Java IDE.. Candidate must have a good working knowledge of Java
capabilities and features.
Responsibilities include coding assignments, documentation and
assisting application areas with the adaption of new releases.
Responsibilities also include the creation of training material,
mentoring and marketing of the framework.

Good communication skills and ability to work well within fast paced,
team environment.

Experience Required:
3+ years application design and development.

Working knowledge of: Java; RAD6; WAS; MVC Patterns; JSF; XML and XSLT;
Javascript; SQL; J2EE Enterprise JavaBeans; Java Transaction API (JTA);
JDBC; JMS; J2EE Connectivity Architecture (JCA); J2EE; Java Web
Other important skills: MKS; LDAP; J2EE Security Model; (Resource
should have a working knowledge of J2EE and WebSphere)

As I read it then it is not a programming job but it is a job for
a programmer.

As I read the person they seek will be responsible for selecting
the tools and frameworks to use.

This requires a good programmer to:
   - properly evaluate
   - support the developers in getting started with the stuff


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