Re: Possible to use Codewarrior 7 to program under WinXT?

Lew <>
Fri, 19 Jan 2007 08:46:54 -0500

Lew wrote:

For gcc C/ C++, I have found nothing I like better than emacs, make and gdb.

emacs has wonderful integration for these tools.

For Java I prefer Netbeans. I also use Eclipse and WebSphere Application
Developer, also emacs + Ant. I have used a handful of others.

BillJosephson wrote:

Lew, do you do much graphical interfacd development? I've used emacs,
and I wonder if it has tools like graphical interface development tools
these days. Also, how does it do in integrating with APIs (I mean
toolboxes that work with a parcitular OS)?

I am not using emacs for heavy development these days because Netbeans is
stronger for Java. When I used emacs for C++ I did not miss GUI wizards, I
just programmed from the source text and did many compile/run cycles to test
the output. I would also write a GUI-only facade and test it, then inherit
that to fill in the logic (sort of a "poor-man's MVC" before I was familiar
with the MVC pattern).

To step back, your question has me re-evaluate my position. I still use emacs
for small, quick steps, but I think by now I am addicted to IDEs for major
sessions of work.

- Lew

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