Re: monitoring the taskbar in windows

Joshua Cranmer <>
Sat, 09 Jun 2007 17:31:15 GMT
tommygun101 wrote:

Robot is very kludgy and fragile for this type of problem.
JNI is platform specific, so most of the code will be..
something non Java, called by a thin Java layer.

thats intersting,..

OS <--> java <--> Mathematica

i was thinking of using java as a bridge to get info about the
system that mathematica could not get and then pass
the info to mathematica to use in its process,

So, if java will not be adequate, do you know which programming
would be a good bet to check out,

Try using MVC, MVC++, or MVB. I'm not an expert on the Windows API, but
there should be some down-and-dirty stuff to grab process information
and dispatch events to open applications.

Java is a poor choice to use a bridge between high-level applications
and OS information because Java is explicitly designed to wash away the
OS information as much as possible. A much better choice would be to use
languages closer to the OS; C (or sometimes C++) is preferred because
that is what most OS's are written in.

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