Re: JSP, Servlets & AJAX username validation, Image verification

Lew <lew@lewscanon.nospam>
Fri, 27 Jul 2007 06:56:55 -0400
KK wrote:

Do anyone know the code for implementing AJAX for the username
availability check using JSP and servlets if yes please reply back

Sun Java Blueprints is a great source for code patterns.

also do tell me the code for the image verification system in JSP

Your requests are so vague and general. It makes it sound like you want
someone to develop something for free for you; that likely will only happen at
some expense, not for free. If you have a specific question about a topic you
tend to get more useful answers. For example, I do not know from your
question what you mean by an "image verification system".

I do know that you do not want a solution comprising only JSPs; JSPs are the
presentation component of a Web app. You will also need one or more servlets
(written as Java code, not JSPs) and a double-handful of JavaBeans. (Look up
"Model-View-Controller" ("MVC") for Web apps.)

For more Java Blueprints:


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