Re: Loading files asynchronously using SwingWorker: method communication problem

Mark Space <>
Mon, 31 Mar 2008 21:50:13 GMT
Royan wrote:

In my app I have two methods load() and parse() that handle
correspondingly reading from file operation and parsing that file into
my internal data structure. load() method makes use of SwingWorker
class and therefore once I enter SwingWorker#done() i must somehow
call parse() method. I can not do it from SwingWorker#done() directly
because this is logically wrong to call parse form load

So can you give me some advice on what is best way to call parse()?

Well, how would one normally call parse()? If there's some driver class
that normally does this, for example, you could

public class MyParserDriver {

  public void loadParse() {

Then use the Swing worker to invoke the loadParse() method of

If you have something a bit more detailed in mind, I think you'll have
to explain it. parse() must wait for load() to finish (I suppose), so
basically you have to wait for the worker thread to finish, then you can
call parse(). Since I think you are calling load() in response to a GUI
event, it makes sense to me to put both load() and parse() in a single
method and then invoke the worker thread on the whole thing.

You may also want to look at MVC, and separate the concerns more than
I've shown, but that's up to you.

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