Re: jsp files not working

Lew <>
Sat, 09 Aug 2008 17:26:31 -0400
Please do not multi-post. I have cross-posted this request on your behalf,
with followup ("f-u") set to

KK wrote:

i [sic] am using ubuntu 7.10. I am trying to run my web application which
has jsp pages. I have installed apache and java 6.

Apache what?

Apache is an umbrella organization for many projects. Are you referring to
their Web Server (httpd)?

Apache is working fine and opening the localhost but java [sic] is giving
some problem as my browser is not recognising the JSP pages. What can
be the prob?

Most likely that you are using Web Server and not Tomcat. Web Server by
itself cannot translate JSP nor invoke servlets.

any idea of this and solution plz let me know

If you mean "please" let you know, I suggest that you tell us what you are
using as an application server. It sounds like you aren't using one. For
JSPs and servlets I recommend Tomcat (version 6.0.18 is the latest):


For more information to augment the Tomcat docs, a good place to start is the
chapter of the Java EE tutorial on "The Web Tier".


More useful stuff at:




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