Re: Jazz Application Framework version 1.3 released

Lew <>
Fri, 5 Sep 2008 12:15:22 -0700 (PDT)
On Sep 2, 6:40 am, CodeRight <> wrote:

Another overweighted solution for doing simple thing...

Make your self clear and give 'the birds' good arguments
instead of just scaring them...

If you mean developing applications in plain Java/Swing is
a simple thing? congratulations you must be the only one!

It's a little disconcerting that the comparison paper on the site
compares the framework code to incorrect Swing code (GUI not built on
the EDT thread, for example). Seems to me a fair comparison should
show the difficulty of well-written regular ol' Swing code compared to
Jazz code.

To my eye, the Jazz code really doesn't look simpler than properly-
written regular ol' Swing code. I will give the benefit of the doubt
and assume that somehow the Jazz wrappers correctly separate GUI work
on the EDT from non-GUI work off the EDT, but perhaps you could speak
to that and definitively allay my concern about that. It's also a
little strange that the comparison doesn't show correctly separated
MVC Swing compared to the correctly separated Jazz MVC code. I am
left with the sense that the comparison is trying to make Swing look
worse than it is in order to make Jazz look better.

As to "congratulations, you must be the only one", I don't think Swing
programming is really all that difficult compared to most GUI
programming, once one learns the pleasures of invokeLater() and
SwingWorker. I've yet to see a framework that can compensate for a
programmer not knowing the fundamentals of design and algorithm. The
implied contempt for the skill of Java programmers to handle Swing
programming doesn't strike me as good marketing psychology, either.
Call me crazy, but I just don't see how Swing programming is so all-
fired difficult that one can't just use it correctly directly.

Still, you should do well. A lot of frameworks do good business on
the promise to compensate for programmer ignorance. Personally I
don't think anything will make ignorant programmers write stable,
robust systems, and knowledgeable practitioners wouldn't need it. Now
if you were to position the framework as a way of increasing
productivity for those who *do* know how to program Swing properly,
as, say, Matisse does, then you'd have something. I just don't see


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